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Stainless Steel Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, and Gold Filled Jewelry. We now carry a large selection of fashion jewelry as well as jewelry supplies. Fantasy World Jewelry is geared towards making it easy to find all the products and styles you need at half the cost of purchasing them in a regular store. You will also have the convenience of choosing your own shipping methods as well as top quality customer service. Shop with confidence!

All our 18kt Brazilian Gold Filled Jewelry is processed with 30-60 Mils of 18Kt Gold. This amount of Gold will make your jewelry last; even in Tropical Climates! We recommend that your Gold Filled be washed periodically with liquid-soap and water. It's Superior to regular plating and much more affordable than regular gold. Check out our Gold Filled Hoops. Also browse through our selection of Stainless Steel Bracelets as well as our fantastic Silver Bracelets.

Please visit the AboutUs section to find out more on us, our products, as well as the basics about our shipping methods. Please note that this is a WHOLESALE website that requires minimum purchase of $150.00 (preferably 3pcs per style). For retail or sample purchases please click here YudithJewelry.

We thank you and appreciate your business.

Featured Products

1-1177-D2 White CZ Love Earrings
Regular price: $6.00
Wholesale price: $3.00
1-1237-D3 Butterfly Earrings
Regular price: $7.00
Wholesale price: $3.50
1-2694-D5 Hanging CZ Hoops (4 colors available)
Regular price: $6.00
Wholesale price: $3.00
1-6410-D1 Ladies Butterfly Set
Regular price: $12.00
Wholesale price: $6.00
1-2414-D1 Large Filigree Heart Pendant
Regular price: $12.00
Wholesale price: $6.00
1-6460-D1 Floral Cat Eye Set
Regular price: $14.00
Wholesale price: $7.00
1-6327-D1-MLT Multicolor Cat Eye Dragonfly Set
Regular price: $18.00
Wholesale price: $9.00
SCARF-PASH-D1 Ladies Scarves (8 Colors Available)
Regular price: $8.00
Wholesale price: $4.00
1-6365-D1-PRP Purple Butterfly with Crystals Set
Regular price: $20.00
Wholesale price: $10.00